Building urban tech centers without encouraging inequality

Almost all cities in the world are characterized by significant housing units on one side and ghettos on the other. Since technology has significantly changed the many world countries across the world are building tech centers to equip their citizens with skills that will help them handle various challenges that come their way. One of the questions that many people ask is whether it is possible to build urban tech centers without the so called tech ghettos. The tachcity outlines some of the top ten US tech cities. This write is going to explore some of the ways of achieving this;

Equipping the local community


When undertaking an empowerment program in a given area, it is always important to empower the locals. This is because they are the people on the ground and involving them will win their support and cooperation. One mistake that many enterprises make when setting the urban centers is sideline the local community. They usually source for workers from elsewhere who occupy the posh houses in the area. Since the locals cannot afford the rent in the high-end areas, they are usually relegated to slums. Training the community and offering them employment opportunities will significantly reduce the tech ghettos.

Meaningful regeneration

To reduce the sprouting of the tech ghettos, useful regeneration should be encouraged. The regeneration effect that a specific tech company will have will depend greatly on where they place their investments. The kinds of the investment that they make usually have a ripple effect for the wider community around. For greater positive effect, the government can offer such companies incentives to encourage them to invest more.

Creating better infrastructure

Creating better infrastructure is another way of preventing the growth of the tech ghettos. It is critical to note that a city does not necessarily need to host a tech hub for it to develop technological solutions to some of the challenges facing it. By creating better infrastructure businesses will easily thrive because the environment for conducting business will be friendly. Better infrastructure refers to things like good roads, clean water, security, internet connectivity, and electricity just but to mention a few.

Online work opportunities


Last but not least the people around such areas should be sensitized about online work. The general population should be trained and sensitized on the available job opportunities. This will help part of the population earn considerable income remotely.